All Lumens with Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace, Operations Manager at ORA, interviews D.J. Ziobro from Dado Lighting to discuss the new Fineline 58


Depth of 2 sheets of drywall with internal wire harness and magnetic mounting of LED panels prevent feed point shadows (common with tape light). Easy install and replacement through front. Flexible lens available up to 100 ft long to eliminate butt joints. Flanges can be added as needed to mount mid-field or along and edge in drywall or grid ceilings. Download Spec Sheet


  • Recessed lighting in ceilings or drywall.
  • Available in 5/8” width.
  • LED panels are easily accessed through the front lens
  • No tape light for the contractor to prep and clean
  • Housings couple together with cross bolts to ensure straightness

Contact us at ORA for more information about Dado’s FineLine58. Call 212.577.2552 or email today!