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O’Blaney Rinker Announces Representation for Eklipse Architectural Lighting

With the experience and know-how gained from hundreds of tailor-made projects, Eklipse Architectural Lighting has created a highly adaptable line of standard lighting products. ORA is proud to bring the Eklipse expertise in illuminating displays, cases, niches, and objets d’intérêt to the creative community in New York City.

Eklipse provides lighting and technical assistance, as well as a range of premium products from its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Montreal. The firm has already developed innovative light fixtures for Cooley Monato Studio in New York City, and worked with Tiffany & Co., among other prestigious brands.

Over 15 years, Eklipse developed unique insight into the architectural lighting field, combining aesthetics and technical design. Their constant need to innovate and their desire to exceed expectations have earned numerous awards.

Cooley Monato Studio chose the Horizon linear LED system for the lobby and entry of the Waldorf Astoria Park Avenue in New York City. This project won the IES 2014 Illumination Award of Distinction – the highest level of recognition given in the Illumination Awards – and the IESNYC 2014 Lumen Citation. Suitable for wet locations (IP67), the Horizon Wet and Horizon Mini Wet illuminate the facade of the iconic building and reveal its ornamentation.

Photographer: Michael Weber


Compact, yet very effective, Horizon is fabricated from high-grade extruded aluminum with interchangeable optics and lenses to provide incomparable control of light intensity and quantity. A number of covers and mounting systems customize the product for surface grazing with a long throw (up to 20 feet), edge lighting, or suspended fixtures. Horizon can help designers completely reinterpret both public and private spaces.

The new Nixe recessed linear LED luminaire from Eklipse is one of the smallest on the market, measuring only 3/8 inch. Careful linear optics eliminate visible dots, for uniform luminance with controlled beamspreads. It integrates seamlessly, without any apparent trims or edges, diffusing light without interruption. It offers five different light beams, from very narrow to very wide, as well as an asymmetrical distribution. Eklipse Lighting is the only manufacturer on the market to offer a luminaire so small and efficient at the same time.


The Adena light (patent pending) is a masterwork in broad distributions of glare-free lighting in tight spaces. Its light floods the entire usable space in a display case, assuring generous coverage even when products are set onto elevating accessories, such as neckforms and risers. Focused point sources significantly enhance sparkle .


Proxi was designed from the ground up to be the most efficient shelf lighting solution on the market today. Proxi supports retailers’ investments in signage, displays, and shelving, providing accurate, intense lighting without shadowing or glare. Visit proxilighting.com for the full story behind this simple, yet amazing product.


Contact us today at 212.577.2552 for more information on Eklipse luminaires or email info@oblaneyrinker.com

Award Winning Lighting in 2017

It’s been a great year for some of our manufacturers who contributed to amazing award winning projects and accomplishments. Following are three manufacturers who deserve special recognition.  

Targetti Helps Oculus Meet a Tall Order 

A 2017 Lumen West Award of Excellence, the top lighting design award given by the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Los Angeles Section, went to Oculus Light Studio for the soaring spaces of the Boston Consulting Group in Los Angeles. Targetti’s DuraTape RGB adds a splash of color to the lobby’s oculus, which opens to the 54-ft ceiling. Then leading up from the lobby, white DuraTape tucked under the stair “floats” the steps with a continuous glow.   

DuraTape is a flexible, high efficacy, LED luminous light strip for continuous consistent illumination.  Adjustable lengths are available for varied architectural accent, functional and general lighting applications. Available in 2200K-3500K whites, monochromatic colors and RGB+W options. All dimmable to 0% for indoor and outdoor applications. 

The award winning project also features a combination of custom and standard downlights by Targetti. A custom CCT Mini Adjustable Triple Downlight was created specifically for this project to complement the use of the CCT Mini Adjustable Downlights that were featured in other areas throughout the interior space.  

Congratulations to architects Shubin & Donaldson and to Oculus for skillful use of indirect lighting in a complex space.


Visit targettiusa.net to view the complete project profile

Forum Sculpts Calatrava’s $4B WTC Transportation Hub

Custom lighting tools developed by Forum Lighting sculpt the “jaw-dropping” architecture of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. Continuous runs of direct fluorescent and LED luminaires (fixture types FN and FM) present a curved profile as they light the train platforms. While asymmetric indirect luminaires (FAM, FAM3, and FG) tucked into the spines of the main transit hall create a shower of illumination that flows into the east-west corridor. Type FBB symmetric fluorescents, with their diecast shell housings, seem to morph right out of the structural cross members and spine of the corridor. At the terminus, circular luminaires (FD) incorporate vital security cameras and PA speakers.

Forum is incredibly proud of their work with architect Santiago Calatrava and Fisher Marantz Stone, which won the Illumination Award of Distinction, the highest international honor bestowed by the Illuminating Engineering Society. 

Optic Arts VintageDim® Marks Progress

The Illuminating Engineering Society’s Progress Committee keeps up to date with all the latest developments in the art and science of lighting. And this year’s Progress Report recognizes VintageDim® for enabling familiar dim-to-warm LED lighting on a 0-10V control circuit.
Optic Arts integrates a universal driver, 0-10V dimming module and Flex STP Variable White strip lighting. The result is a single, high-performance LED solution that emulates the incandescent dimming curve in coves, cabinets, displays – virtually any linear indirect or lensed application. Solutions ship standard with an 1800-2700K dimming curve, but custom transitions can be factory-programmed. Download Spec Sheet 

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