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Lucent Lights Up Two ‘Retail Lighting Project Of The Year’ Award Winning Projects in 2017

O’Blaney Rinker would like to congratulate Lucent Lighting for their outstanding achievements in 2017

One of Lucent’s recent retail projects, Varana in London, won Retail Lighting Project Of The Year at the Lux Awards 2017.  The Lux Awards are designed to celebrate and reward both creativity and sustainability, recognizing clients and end-users that have used lighting in exceptional ways to improve their lit environment, whilst reducing energy and achieving business objectives in the process. The judges called the installation at Varana by PJC Light Studio an “exemplar scheme of great precision.”

Lighting Design by PJC Light Studio | Photography by Nick Turner and William Russell

The Varana project features Lucent’s ProSpex Pinhole Edge Accent fittings. The Pinhole Edge range of downlights offer a minimalist look with a minimal aperture of just 45mm and coupled with an ‘Edge’ baffle to further reduce glare and add a professional look. The fixtures can be flush mounted in a plaster ceiling using a special trim kit (ordered separately). The range comes as IP44 standard and with a wide choice of lamp types including our own LED50 module, Xicato LED module, Soraa LED module, mains and LV halogen as well as metal halide.

Another of Lucent’s projects, Bloomingdales Kuwait, won Retail Lighting Project of the Year at the Light Middle East Awards 2017. Light Middle East, in Dubai, has established itself as the region’s number one networking and sourcing platform for the entire scope of decorative, architectural, outdoor, and indoor lighting solutions, attracting a wide range of visitor profiles from around the globe. 

Lighting Design, Nulty Lighting | Images: © Romeo Productions

All fittings are trimless with Xicato LED modules.
Products used include:
ProSpex® | Plus Downlights >
Architecturally designed of square pyramidal and round conical, fixed, accent and wallwash, trimless or trimmed downlight fixtures for a range of LED, low voltage and metal halide light sources including Lucent’s own brand LED35, LED50, LED70 and Xicato modules. The Plus range features gear driven dual axis adjustment that allows hot aiming whilst the lamp is on and also remains fully locked in focus throughout the re-lamping process. It also includes the ProSpex Plus XL, allowing larger output versions of the LED light sources.

ProSpex® | Gimbal Maxi >
A range of trimless or trimmed directional gimbal fixtures and available as single or multi lamp versions. Features LED, low voltage and miniature metal halide versions and fully directional gimbal heads. Maximum tilt is 35° in certain directions on specific models. Anti-glare snoot(s) supplied as standard and high lamp position to provide glare free illumination. Easy re-lamping. Front loading louvres, lenses and filters.

Soft 70 Trimless Accent >
A range of soft appearance trimless downlights for plaster in installations, for a seamless appearance. LED, low voltage and metal halide light options, in fixed and adjustable variants.

ProSpex® | 140 Downlight >
Fixed and adjustable ProSpex 140 downlights with specular darklight cone reflector as standard. For a range of LED, low voltage compact fluorescent and metal halide light sources including Lucent’s own brand LED70 and Xicato modules. Adjustable fixtures feature gear driven vertical adjustment, and hot aiming simplifies focussing while lamp is on.

Lucent Lighting, based in London and New York, was founded in July 1990 to service the needs of lighting professionals worldwide.
In 2007, Lucent launched ProSpex, a range of architectural specification grade downlights. Since the launch, the company has been catapulted to the forefront of lighting specifications from lighting designers, architects and interior designers around the world.
Lucent continues to strive to source, manufacture and supply lighting products which meet the aesthetic and technical specifications of their clients, whilst maintaining our position as the first choice partner for a number of prestigious projects, both at home and internationally.

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