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ORA Pleased to Represent MINIMIS

ORA is pleased to announce representation for MINIMIS in New York and New Jersey. MINIMIS is a recognized pioneer in design and manufacturing of micro-minuscule architectural and landscape LED luminaires. Three-time winner of ARCHITECTURAL RECORD’s “Top Lighting Products” —the fixtures are the size of a postage stamp.

MINIMIS has designed and crafted their line of illumination to be virtually bomb-proof and shatterproof, leveraging the clear advantages of titanium, PMMA, and synthetic sapphire crystal. Their product is impressive!


Natively waterproof, without need for gaskets or seals, MINIMIS luminaires offer unparalleled elegance, luxury, and performance in all environments—from warm, enveloping interiors, to the most inhospitable of marine conditions.

To see how tough these tiny luminaires are, watch this video on LIMPET —the world’s smallest in-grade directional marker light. Consisting of precision, hand-milled grade-5 titanium, LIMPET is suitable for decorative and accent IP67 installation in any application, including extreme environments. Excellent for recessing into driveways, with drive-over rating of 10,500 lbs (4,775 kg).

Applications include directional markers, driveway lighting, floods, spots, wall grazers, lighting for stairwells, hallways, sidewalks, pathways, kitchen, bath, poolside, pond-side, seaside, pier and dock, yachts, hotels, parks, and landscape. The titanium construction ensures that it will never rust or stain over time.

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O’Blaney Rinker Pleased to Represent EiKO Global, LLC

O’Blaney Rinker Associates are pleased to announce representation for EiKO Global, LLC to New York and New Jersey areas.

EiKO Global, LLC is a US owned and operated lighting manufacturer with offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, and APAC. For over 40 years, they have been fulfilling the lighting needs of commercial and industrial end-users as a leader in the retrofit and renovation markets by supplying a broad portfolio of high-quality intelligent fixtures and wireless controls, value-engineered LED fixtures and lamps, as well as a traditional lighting products.

EiKO delivers LED Fixtures and retrofit kits for indoor and outdoor applications, designed to replace conventional lighting systems. Indoor products include high bays, slim panels, troffers, strips, canopies, and downlight kits. Their outdoor products include flood, area, high bay, vapor tight, and wallpacks.

EiKO also provides retrofit and replacement solutions with LED Lamps in a variety of shapes, wattages, and color temperatures. From HID replacement, tubes, decorative, A-lamps, PARs, BRs, MRs and even miniatures, they offer LED energy-saving products for any application.

EiKO’s more traditional product lines include linear and compact fluorescents, HIDs, halogens, incandescents, and other specialty lighting solutions.

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Gantom Provides Lighting Tricks and Treats

We’re officially in the middle of spooky season and Gantom Lighting & Controls provide all the lighting tricks and treats for haunted attractions!

The Winchester Mystery House (shown below) was one of their first major haunted attractions to put Gantom products to the test. A mix of Precision Z Spotlights in various colors and DarkBox Flickers were used to bring life to the scenery.

The Precision Z Spotlight produces a concentrated point-source light equivalent to traditional 20W halogen fixtures in a highly energy and space efficient package. The fixture’s modular design allows it to be swapped with other fixtures without the hassle of cutting wires, allowing for fast design changes and reconfiguration. The industrial machined aluminum chassis gives the Precision Z an elegant form yet functions as a rugged shell and heat sink to protect the LED and core electronics even in outdoor applications. Internal driver circuitry ensures constant output over a wide range of input voltage and extends the fixture life beyond 50,000 hours. DOWNLOAD SPECS »

The DarkBox Flicker is a powerful, yet easy to use, special effects pattern generator and dimmer for LEDs. Single button operation allows the user to easily select different output patterns such as candle flicker, power surge flicker, blink, strobe, and brightness levels. Clicking the button cycles through the various modes while holding the button down chooses the brightness of each mode. Over 15 mode and speed combinations to choose from. The DarkBox Flicker’s memory allows the device to resume the previously selected pattern even when power is cut and restored.  DOWNLOAD SPECS »

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O’Blaney Rinker Announces Representation for TPR Enterprises in New York Metropolitan Area

O’Blaney Rinker welcomes TPR Enterprises to our manufacturing family. TPR Enterprises is a New York based manufacturer of LED and Fiber optic lighting and controls. TPR was established in 1980 and has completed thousands of projects from Broadway shows and casinos to commercial buildings and high end residences. They offer over 100 LED products, including low profile tape lights to large architectural floods. All are available in multiple color temps of White Light, Solid Colors, RGB and RGBA/RGBW.

Seventy-two Phantom RGB 20 degree floods were used on the First Financial Center in Des Moines to create a multitude of color changing schemes. The floods produce an incredible 1.8fc at the top of the 27 story building. The system is controlled by the STICK1 programmable controller. View all Floods »

The Westflex 4-in-1 RGBW flexible tape was used on the Seelbach Hilton skylight in Louisville, Kentucky. It cuts to length every 2″ and uses a high brightness 5050 LED for maximum performance. It is available in indoor or outdoor (IP67) jackets, and is fully controllable via DMX512 when used in conjunction with the Westpower300-4 data box. The White quadrant of the LED chip is available in 3200K and 4200K. View Westflex Family LED Tapelights »

Also included in their LED product selections are:

Panel Lighting • Linear Wall Washers • High Power Cove • DMX Controls and Accessories • Drivers and Power Supplies • Pixel Dots (RGB Node with diamond or flat lens) and tubes • Lumenframe (Drop in fixture for acoustical ceilings)

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