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Lucent Adds Wallwash to its Edge Family of Products

The Edge 4.25 is a comprehensive range of discreet downlights with a small 1.65″ aperture. This series is a complete family of downlights consisting of Fixed, Accent, Washlight and new asymmetric Wallwash luminaires in either Flanged or Trimless form.
Edge is available in trim version for installation into existing ceilings or with trimless kit for a seamless appearance.

Watch the following video to view all the features of Edge 4.25


• The Edge 4.25 features Black Edge baffle and deep regressed light sources for glare free aperture.

• Accent fixtures are fully rotatable to 360° and adjustable from 0-30°.

• With the use of a separate die-cast plaster-kit, the trimless Edge4.25 has a very minimal, sleek appearance.

• Available for use with all of Lucent’s LED51 modules – LED51/2, LED51/U Ultra 98CRI, LED51/WD Ambiance WarmDim, LED51/TW Dynamic Tuneable white and LED51/SS SuperSpot 7.5°.

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O’Blaney Rinker Pleased to Represent Connective Lighting Technology

O’Blaney Rinker is pleased to represent Connective Lighting Technology in the New York and New Jersey areas.

Connective Lighting Technology (CLT) is led by Dan Gutierrez with 40 years experience in the lighting industry at the highest level of operations and a pedigree that is rarely found in this era — design, manufacturing and a sophisticated knowledge of market demands.

Heavily invested in research and development, CLT offer sustainable solutions to the ever-changing lighting industry and quality in their LED light engines, and optical and thermal management systems. More »

Click on the following images for more information these CLT products.

Bega Recess Track

OVEGA Pendant


Fox Through Series



Dragon Line

ISSE Series

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O’Blaney Rinker is pleased to Announce Representation for Lumenture

O’Blaney Rinker is pleased to announce New York and New Jersey representation for Lumenture

Lumenture was founded on the premise that lighting should be both functional and discreet. Their selection of track heads, track and recessed wallwashers, hallway lights, and downlights are perfect for commercial, hospitality, and restaurant applications that require classic aesthetics and require compact, yet powerful and efficient fixtures to highlight products and spaces.

Lumenture products are designed using premium LEDs (90 + CRI available on all products), innovative optics and advanced materials resulting in fixtures that are not only visually stunning but also cutting edge.

Based in Redding, Connecticut, all products have a standard 5-year warranty and offer 3-day lead times or for larger quantities or out-of-stock, 4-week lead time is available.


Seamlessly blending into a range of environments, the T-Series offer track heads in two sizes, multiple adapter types that allow compatibility with one, and two circuit tracks of most major brands. Available with an accessory holder that allows field replacement of accessories and seamless upgrades to anti-glare and snooted versions of standard products. Available in 90+ CRI, multiple CCT options including dim to warm, and 360+ degree infinity adapter. The T65 Track Head is 4″ x 2.5″ and the smaller version, T50, is  3.3″ x 2″.


Lumenture downlights are available in adjustable downlight (DLA100), fixed downlight (DL100) and 40-degree wallwasher (DLW100) configurations. The DLA100 adjustable downlight rotates a full 360 degrees and tilts up to 40 degrees with the optic always orientated toward the center of the fixture aperture, for optimal performance. All downlights have a discreet 3.1″ reflector opening and are available with square casing options with flangeless options in the works. Their recessed products utilize a high-efficiency driver that accepts 120- to 277-VAC input and is compatible with triac, ELV and 0- to 10-volt dimming systems. 90+ CRI.


Designed from the ground up, the Lumenture TWW160 rethinks the traditional wallwasher as a sleek, unobtrusive form, enhancing any environment. By combining custom reflectors – extruded from 98% reflective polymers – with advanced diffusers that enhance on-axis brightness, the TWW160 delivers industry-leading efficiency and performance! 90+ CRI, multiple CCT options, dimmable, 6.8″ and 180 degree tilt.


Lumenture’s HL110 directs light toward the walls – allowing you to increase perceived light levels or reduce fixture counts. The impressive performance comes in a discreet form factor that blends effortlessly into ceilings. By combining custom reflectors – molded from a 98 percent reflective polymer – with advanced diffusers that enhance on-axis brightness, the Lumenture HL110 delivers industry-leading efficiency and performance! The HL110 has a 4.0″ rough opening – and blends effortlessly and discreetly into ceilings. 90+ CRI and ELV, triac, and 0V-10V dimmable options.


Lumenture’s RWW160 is a sleek and straightforward, 2″-wide recessed wallwasher. With a centered pivot point, the RWW can tilt nearly 40 degrees in both directions, making it a versatile and easy-to-adjust fixture. The RWW160 has a 50mm (2.0″) x 166mm (6.5″) channel opening – and blends effortlessly and discreetly into ceilings. 90+ CRI and mulitple CCT and ELV, triac, and 0V-10V dimmable options.

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Lucent Prospex Pinhole Edge Lights up Crystal Mozart

Photography Courtesy of Crystal Cruises

Lucent lights up Crystal Cruises first River Yacht, the Crystal Mozart, with their ProSpex Pinhole Edge c/w LED50 modules. Working closely with Alexandra Don and the design team, DPA Lighting Consultants lit all the public areas, suites and external elements of the vessel.

The lighting intensity from day to night can be altered to create the most appropriate atmosphere as daylight changes. Guests have full scene set control of their suites to change the mood as they feel appropriate.

It is quite clear that Crystal Cruises are passionate about the quality of every aspect of their lit environment.


The Pinhole Edge range of downlights offer a minimalist look with a minimal aperture of just 45mm. Coupled with an edge baffle it further reduces glare. The fixtures can be flush mounted in a plaster ceiling using a special trim kit (ordered separately). The range comes as IP44 standard and with a wide choice of lamp types including our own LED50 module, Xicato LED module, Soraa LED module, mains and LV halogen as well as metal halide.

Lucent’s Pinhole Edge is the perfect solution for a clean professional look and plenty of options to choose from.

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Lucent Lights Up Armani Hotel in Dubai

Known for their ProSpex range of architectural specification grade lighting fixtures, Lucent’s ProSpex® 100 and Soft 50 downlights were used on the impressive entrance of the Armani Hotel in Dubai designed by NYC architectural lighting design firm, Fisher Marantz Stone.

Collaborating with lighting designers globally for over 25 years has enabled Lucent to become a choice manufacturer and problem solver for many prestigious projects throughout the world.

The ProSpex and ProSpex Plus ranges offer integrated recessed lighting with architectural design. These revolutionary downlights incorporate sophisticated control mechanisms providing a new level of installation techniques and effortless adjustment for most architectural spaces. The ProSpex Spotlight range of track and surface mount spotlights come with a wide selection of LED solutions for retail and gallery spaces.

Lucent products have been tested in several key territories and carry the appropriate requisite safety standards.

The ProSpex® 100 downlights are fixed and adjustable with a specular darklight cone reflector. For a range of LED, low voltage and metal halide light sources including Lucent’s own brand LED50 and Xicato modules can be used. Adjustable fixtures feature gear driven vertical adjustment, and hot aiming simplifies focusing while lamp is on.

For a seamless appearance, the ProSpex® Soft Trimless is a wide range of soft trimless downlights for plaster in installations. For a range of LED, low voltage and metal halide light sources including Lucent own brand LED35, LED50, LED70 and Xicato higher output modules, are available in fixed and adjustable variants.

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