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Mirror, Mirror. On the Wall!

Solavanti Lighting has been providing the most popular mirror styles to the commercial and hospitality industry for decades. These unique styles can create an amazing bold statement when walking into a luxurious, modern bathroom or create a rich, contemporary feel to drab environment. Mirrors also provide a larger, spacious feel to rooms in general. Solavanti offers customization for each.

Following are a few of Solavanti’s styles to choose from. To view the entire collection, visit Solavanti Bathroom »

Rectangular Left Right Up Lit Mirror

Left and right side illumination with top glow mirror. Square and rectangular available.
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Square Front Lit Mirror

Front lit square mirror for all around glow.
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Illuminated Mirror + Magnifier

Bathroom mirror with single-sided, satin light exit.
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Vertical Lit Slit Mirror

Incorporated LED lighting vertically placed on mirror front.
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Round Front Lit Mirror

Full coverage lighting on circumference of mirror. Perfect for make-up stations.
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Rectangular Trim Lit Mirror

Illumination within the frame for a soft and soothing warm light.
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O’Blaney Rinker Announces Representation for Solavanti Lighting

O’Blaney Rinker is pleased to announce representation for Solavanti Lighting in the New York area


Contemporary European Style Lighting

Solavanti Lighting is built on a solid foundation that is synonymous with cutting edge design, exceptional customer service, and an overall “can do” spirit of delivering the right solution for complex requirements. They feature contemporary European Design products in specification grade for a wide range of indoor and outdoor commercial applications such as retail lighting, showroom lighting, bathroom mirrors and sidelights, track lighting systems, and outdoor post mounted lighting

Solavanti Lighting offers the following architectural lighting lines: LTS , Baulmann, Lamp Lighting, One Light, and Grupo MCI.

Solavanti is also partnered with Efficient-Tec International, LLC (ETI) a supplier of high power LEDs and LED control gear. ETI S3 provides stainless steel handrail solutions which include illuminated and non-illuminated curved and spiral handrail systems for code compliant projects.


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November 13-14, 2016
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