ORA Announces Representation for NY Ceiling

ORA is excited to introduce our clients to a modern, fresh approach to ceiling and wall solutions—limited only by the imagination.

ORA is pleased to announce representation for NY CEILING in the New York and New Jersey markets. NY Ceiling specializes in innovative luminous surface solutions that include graphic walls with DMX lighting, acoustical ceiling solutions, and stretch ceilings with 3D print and LED backlighting—to name a few. Ideal lighting creativity for retail, hospitality, and commercial applications. With or without graphics, NY Ceiling’s luminous surface solutions help designers achieve their design and programming goals with highly curated aesthetics.

Luminous Surfaces
Stretch surface solutions can be used in new construction, and very popular for renovations or creating a contemporary look in existing spaces. Though they tend to create high-energy, light-filled spaces, you’ll discover how NY Ceilings can bring subtlety, warmth, and drama with colored light and custom graphics. Look also to their acoustical ceiling and wall treatments to reduce noise and help create an overall calm, relaxing ambiance in residential and hospitality spaces.

Cloud and canopy ceilings are a versatile solution for elegant yet affordable configurations which complement most any design while mitigating issues such as echo, lack of light, project time constraints.

NY Ceiling’s professionals support clients through the design and installation processes; from blue-sky concept through specification and “unforeseen field conditions.” This alternative to traditional lighting approaches brings our clients bespoke solutions that are just as innovative and transformative as your vision.

Get inspired and call us at 212.577.2552 or email us to learn about NY Ceiling