Efficient-Tec International offers Superior Handrail Solutions for Code Compliant Projects

Stairs and ramps are by the nature of their existence, paths of egress that need some level of illumination per Life Safety Code. Commercial or residential structures are required by code (ADA, and IBC) to have handrails and can be non-illuminated or illuminated.

Efficient-Tec International’s S3 (stainless steel systems) offer complete handrail solutions for code compliant projects and can meet any requirement, either from their standard line of products or with modification from the in house engineering and fabricating staff.

We recommend ETI S3 and here’s why:

1. Lower installation costs.The cost to install the already required railing eliminates the lighting installation cost.

2. The LED lighting in the rail is 24VDC that can easily be operated on a low cost battery back up system, instead of higher cost inverters.

3. Reduced design and engineering time by eliminating the need for separate egress lighting from ceiling or wall mounted fixtures.

4. Aesthetically superior finished product for both the structural space design and the lighting design

ETI S3 versus the Competition
ETI S3: Fabricated with domestically sourced, heavy gauge tubing. Result is a dull “thud” sound
Others: Thin wall, rolled tubing from China. Thump it and it makes a high pitched “ting” sound

ETI S3: All corners are mitered, welded and finished smooth in their factory
Others: Corners can be clunky pieces that are glued in place and never line up properly. Result are ridges

ETI S3: Finished and assembled in 16-17 foot sections shipped complete
Others: Parts and pieces to assemble on site

ETI S3: Designed, engineered, fabricated, and assembled in-house with domestically sourced materials
Others: Outsource fabrication and most key materials

ETI S3: Curve and spiral illuminated railing, minimum radius as low as 36″
Others: Can’t do it at all

ETI S3: Typically half the price of competitors because everything is manufactured in house
Others: Typically double the price because they outsource everything and have to mark it up

Efficient-Tec International LLC is a sister company to Solavanti Lighting

To learn more about ETI products,  contact us at 212.577.2552 or email