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ORA Announces New Manufacturer-Partner Helios

ORA is pleased to announce that longtime friends and colleagues from Helios Lighting have chosen us to represent their flexible and cost-effective lines of downlighting throughout the New York metropolitan area. Helios prides itself on 7 decades of experience in continually improving downlighting and “being the easiest lighting manufacturer to do business with at every step of the lighting purchase.”

Spec-grade downlights and cylinders from Helios come in both round and square apertures and feature field-configurable color temperatures. Designers can choose 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K on the jobsite, either before or after installation. Lumen packages can be specified up to 3000 lm for higher ceilings, and almost all offer a lensed wallwash optic as well as emergency and 1% dimming options. And yes, there is a 6-inch trim UL-listed for wet locations.

We are delighted that this new ORA-Helios partnership will strengthen Helios’s existing client relationships in the region and introduce new customers to Helios quality and frictionless service.

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Forum Lighting at Forefront of LED Design for Offices, Airports and Transportation Centers

Check out Forum’s new website at forumlighting.com

Forum, Inc. is an independent lighting fixture manufacturer of architectural lighting systems for commercial, office, retail and custom applications. Since their foundation in 1963, Forum, Inc. has consistently provided “value added” to their complete line of indoor and outdoor lighting systems. All Forum fixtures are engineered and manufactured to provide cutting edge efficiency and quality design at competitive pricing. They design and manufacture recessed, surface, wall mounted, and pendant lighting fixtures, for fluorescent and LED applications.

With custom projects such as the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, Forum Lighting is at the forefront of LED design for offices, airports, and transportation centers—manufacturing high performance luminaires designed for ease of installation and maintenance.

Highlights from Forum’s product lines include the Alumina series (application image below)—a line of extruded aluminum rectilinear luminaires. Multiple mounting configurations are available including various suspended types as well as wall mounted. View the complete series >

The Aquas series (application image below) is a line of extruded aluminum rectilinear luminaires approved for wet location, allowing for design consistency throughout wet and dry locations. Multiple mounting configurations are available including rigid stem, surface as well as wall mounted. AQUAS can be lamped with T5 lamps, as well as LED. View the complete series >

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