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Scout Lighting Offers Top-of-the-line Linears

In case you missed it, our friends at Scout showcased their new top-of-the-line Weisswall linears at LEDucation. For wallwashing, grazing, displays, and signage, Weisswall produces continuous lines of light, from 1–1300 lm/ft, in virtually endless runs. You can inject new power feeds at any point. Weisswall offers multiple lens options—frosted lens for maximum output, milky lens for visible hot-spot free illumination, and a 10 degree grazer to make those textured walls pop. Choose from five CCTs or check out Weisswall Tunable White. There’s a 0–10 V warm-dim option, DMX, or choose dual 0–10 V controllers. Download Spec Sheet

These preassembled linears are perfect for contractors, as they feature solderless installation and easy plug and play. They take corners smoothly and can be specified to any custom length. Weisswall linears are cuttable every half inch saving 90% of the installation time fiddling with field-cuttable tape light.

Weisswall also features Scout’s patent pending circuit design, LumenDial that allows you to dial in any lumen output delivering 3 separate intensities within a single engine. Scout will ensure that you will never have a hot spot or shadow, and bring your vision to reality.

Everything is ready to meet your spec locally at the Scout factory in nearby Mineola, NY.

Quick Ship 7–10 Days

Call 212.577.2552 or email us at O’Blaney Rinker to learn more about Scout Lighting for your next project.

Lucent Adds Wallwash to its Edge Family of Products

The Edge 4.25 is a comprehensive range of discreet downlights with a small 1.65″ aperture. This series is a complete family of downlights consisting of Fixed, Accent, Washlight and new asymmetric Wallwash luminaires in either Flanged or Trimless form.
Edge is available in trim version for installation into existing ceilings or with trimless kit for a seamless appearance.

Watch the following video to view all the features of Edge 4.25


• The Edge 4.25 features Black Edge baffle and deep regressed light sources for glare free aperture.

• Accent fixtures are fully rotatable to 360° and adjustable from 0-30°.

• With the use of a separate die-cast plaster-kit, the trimless Edge4.25 has a very minimal, sleek appearance.

• Available for use with all of Lucent’s LED51 modules – LED51/2, LED51/U Ultra 98CRI, LED51/WD Ambiance WarmDim, LED51/TW Dynamic Tuneable white and LED51/SS SuperSpot 7.5°.

For more information on the Edge 4.25 and other Lucent products, contact us at 212.577.2552 or email us at O’Blaney Rinker