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LaMar Joins Clear-Vu Lighting

LaMar Lighting’s operations have moved to Autronic Plastics’ 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Central Islip, NY. They have joined API’s Clear-Vu Lighting, Clear-Vu Medical, and Clear-Vu Media divisions to manufacture innovative LED lighting solutions for the commercial, industrial, transit, life sciences, and construction product industries.

Well known for LaMar LED and Occu-Smart,  LaMar will continue their foundational work of American designed, engineered, and manufactured lighting products for commercial and industrial applications with increased capabilities made possible by API’s state-of-the-art facility.

About Autronics Plastics, Inc.
Founded in 1953, Autronic Plastics, Inc. (API) has grown from a small plastic molding company to an industry-leading, custom injection molder known for its service, creativity, technology, and commitment to excellence. Today, API is a manufacturer for a variety of technologically advanced markets and expertise in processing high-performance engineering resins and manufacturing high quality, precision parts have made it the plastic injection molding OEM of choice. The ISO 9001:2015 certified facility is the home of API’s corporate headquarters, design & engineering, tooling, manufacturing, assembly, and distribution.

About Clear-Vu Lighting
Clear-Vu delivers innovative solutions using the most advanced technology for superior lighting quality, performance, and energy efficiency to clients ranging from municipalities, state agencies, and utilities to pharmaceutical manufacturers, large scale construction companies and start- ups alike. Visit clearvulighting.com

About LaMar Lighting
LaMar is more than a manufacturer of LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures. We develop and deliver a customized product that tailors any lighting to fit your needs, whether in a commercial application or a residential setting. LaMar Lighting is committed to producing high quality LED luminaires using state of the art components, and we’re proud to say we are “Made in the USA.”

“We are excited to integrate a Long Island manufacturer with a strong lighting legacy into our advanced production capabilities,” stated Daniel Lax, Founder and CEO, Clear-Vu Lighting, “LaMar Lighting and its brands LAMAR LED, and Occu-Smart® have a history of success in the commercial lighting market. These products, combined with Clear-Vu Lighting’s MTLX, Flex SLS, and cleanLED will round out the national market’s lighting line card.”

Jeff Goldstein, CEO of LaMar and his team, have joined API to continue expanding on the legacy created with the LaMar Lighting customer base. “We are excited to have many of the LaMar staff joining the API product family,” stated Jeff. “We can continue to serve our long-term customer and sales rep base and utilize API’s resources to expand our collective product lines.”

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LaMar LED Features the Voyager Gen4 LED with Bluetooth Programming

The VOL Gen4 is an attractive LED bi-level luminaire featuring Bluetooth technology. Field adjustable output power when in normal mode and field adjustable standby dim levels as well as time delay settings. No need to open the fixture – It’s as easy as downloading a free iOS or Android companion app.

Manual dim settings and time delay can also be set via the dipswitches and trimpots on the front of the unit.  Dim settings of 10, 25 or 50% of full output are available and time delay settings of 1, 5 or 20 minutes can be set without the companion app.

Ideal for stairwells and other spaces with low occupancy. Available in lengths of  2′, 4′ and now 8′ they are equipped with die-formed end caps and formed steel housing and gear tray which can be removed for servicing without tools.

The frosted impact resistant diffuser boasts up to 94% transmittance while shielding the source comfortably and effectively.
For further details Download Specs »  or visit the LaMar Lighting website »

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LaMar Titan Ultrasonic and HF Series Recognized as a Buildings Money-Saving Product for 2019

LaMar’s Titan Ultrasonic and HF series were recently recognized as one of Buildings Magazine 2019 Money Saving Products for facilities professionals, in the Lighting category

The Titan series is part of LaMar’s Occu-Smart® product line and an ideal money saving solution for stairwells, corridors, restrooms, and a variety of other areas in commercial and large residential buildings.

The Titan Series is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor with 360 ̊ coverage that detects motion around barriers. For maximum energy savings, Titan features bi-level operation with adjustable standby light levels, time delay and sensitivity.

High quality LED arrays from leading component manufacturers are offered in 2′, 4′ lengths (nominal) and 3 output levels (Low, Med, High). Designed to be a long lasting, low maintenance luminaire, units are available with a low glare impact resistant round diffuser.

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The VO-LED Gen2 by LaMar Wins BUILDINGS 2018: Money-Saving Products Awards

The VO-LED Gen2 by LaMar wins BUILDINGS 2018: Money-Saving Products award in the lighting product category.
BUILDINGS Media has audiences with more than 75,000 building owners and facility managers who are always looking for innovative and budget-friendly products. The 2018 Money-Saving Products awards program is designed to supply the best of these products to their audiences.

Justin Feit of BUILDINGS states, “Finding ways to reduce costs is what facilities management is all about, and that often starts with the products you implement into your buildings. The BUILDINGS editorial staff selected 67 Money-Saving Products that can help you save money and improve returns on investment.

Lighting and Life Safety & Security were the other two largest categories. The lighting products featured here follow the widespread transition to LED products, and some even assist the retrofit process. For life safety and security, we are seeing manufacturers simplify the processes that keep your facility safe by combining surveillance and access control technologies into one place.”

In the lighting product category LaMar’s VO-LED Gen2 was a clear winner

VO-LED Gen2 by LaMar
Continuing to improve the future of lighting, LaMar’s VO-LED Gen2 is an attractive LED bi-level luminaire featuring field adjustable output power (Low, Med or High) when in normal mode and field adjustable standby dim levels of 10, 20, 30 or 40% of full light output, both features integrated directly into the LED driver for convenience.

Ideal for stairwells and other spaces with low occupancy, these units come in lengths of  2′ and 4′ and are equipped with die formed end caps and formed steel housing and gear tray.

Made in the USA, the LED array is high quality MPCB (metal core) ensuring long life and high efficiency.

The frosted polycarbonate diffuser boasts up to 94% transmittance while shielding the source comfortably and effectively and remaining virtually unbreakable.

Consuming as little as 3W in “standby-mode” the VOL Gen2 is another energy saving option in Lamar Lighting’s ever-growing Occusmart line.
• DLC (Designlights Consortium) Qualified (see Spec Sheet for Details)
• Emergency Battery Backup available
• Choice of CCT’s 3000K through 5000K
• Universal Voltage 120-277V std.DLC LOGO
• Lighting Facts Approved
• Made in the USA – Meets Buy America Act (ARRA)
• UL Listed, IBEW Union made

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LaMar Lighting: Pioneers of Motion Sensor Controlled Bi-level Lighting

The ultrasonic sensor was developed by Wattstopper specifically for Lamar Lighting over 20 years ago, and the concept of automatic lamp conditioning was patented by Lamar Lighting. This enabled successful long-term operation of fluorescent lamps on bi-level ballasts without premature end blackening.

LaMar offers Occu-Smart fixtures which utilize a customized ultrasonic motion sensor coupled with a bi-level lighting system, offering standby light levels as low as ten percent, with standby wattage as low as four watts during unoccupied times. Immediately upon occupancy detection, the lights are brought up to full brightness for safety and security.

Occu-Smart LED units offer a proprietary multi-level driver, giving the choice of occupied state light levels to minimize electrical use while providing the proper light levels for safety and code compliance. Low standby light levels can also be optimized by an unique adjustment within the fixture.

The competition simply does not offer these two very important features in conjunction with superior detection technology.

Ultrasonic vs Passive Infrared
Ultrasonic sensors work on the Doppler principle much like sonar on a boat. A high-frequency signal is continuously emitted, and anything that disturbs it is interpreted as motion. These signals are not limited to line of sight, so motion can be detected around corners such as when a person is walking up or down a flight of stairs. These sensors will typically pick up an entry door opening, as well as motion from several floors above and below in most stairwells.

Passive infrared sensors detect emitted infrared energy from people and animals in the form of heat. The person or animal moving must be in the detection range of the sensor and lens. The Fresnel lens on typical motion sensors is designed to be mounted on ceilings and detect motion in a 360-degree area, which typically becomes wider the higher the sensor is mounted, up to the designated mounting height and range. A sensor lens detection pattern looks like long and short range “fingers,” in that major motion is detected in alternating zones with more minor motion. This means a sensor that works well on a warehouse ceiling may not offer the detection range and pattern needed for a stairwell, and the pattern that works well on a ceiling will not be optimized for fixtures mounted on a wall as is very often done in stairwells. Additionally, PIR sensors mounted on corridor ceilings that are eight to ten feet high will not be able to detect motion nearly as far in range as a properly set ultrasonic sensor, and they simply cannot detect motion outside the range and pattern of the lens.

Overall cost of Occu-Smart lower than the competition
Many low-cost stairwell fixtures are supplied with PIR motion sensors designed for warehouse use. They may have a marginal detection range, and offer bi-level operation which typically is only 50% of full light output — so a medium output, 35-watt fixture will still be using about 18 watts at standby, which is about 95% of the time. Occu-Smart fixtures can be set as low as 3 watts (2’ low output), and the medium output unit is 36 watts at full and only 5 watts at 10% standby. The cost of one watt in New York City is about 21 cents. Running 24/7, that’s about $1.80 per watt per year. So 13 watts saved per fixture is $23.40, which can easily make up the marginal cost difference in a short period of time between Occu-Smart and the lesser-performing competition.

Occu-Smart Difference
OccuSmart Competition
• Ultrasonic sensor not limited to line of sight• Passive infrared limited to line of sight
• Adjustable output driver-installer• Adjustable fixed output driver
• Standby wattage as low as three watts• Low is 50% of high, 25-50 watts
• Adjustable low light level• No low light level adjustment
• Designed for wall or ceiling mount• High bay type sensor, not designed for wall mount
• Walk test set-up mode for quick commissioning• No walk test mode

Featuring LaMars’s VOL Gen2 Series LED Lights
  • Field adjustable output power (Low, Med or High) when in normal mode integrated in the universal voltage driver.
  • Available in lengths of 2′ and 4′
  • Equipped with die formed end caps and formed steel housing and gear tray
  • High quality MPCB (metal core) LED array ensuring long life and high efficiency
  • Frosted acrylic lens with up to 94% transmittance
  • Field adjustable standby dim levels of 10, 20, 30 or 40% of full light output