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O’Blaney Rinker is Pleased to Announce Representation for Evo-Lite

Established in 2005, Evo-Lite is a leader in advanced light system integration for use in backlighting translucent surfaces for architectural, healthcare, hospitality, residential, luxury, retail, kiosks, signage and display applications.

Integration specialties include static and dynamic LED Light Panels in White, RGB and CCT, LED Component fixtures, and Programmable Dynamic Digital Displays.

At the Country Club Towers in Denver, this reception desk features tunable white light panels backlighting honey onyx. CCT adjustable, Tunable White LED light panels provide light between 2700K and 6500K.

The Cedar Rapids Public Library includes multiple LumiSheet™ installations combined with DMX and motion controls to create dynamic displays. The building achieved LEED Platinum certification and in 2014 won an IES Merit Award, AIA Merit Award and ASHRAE’s 1st Place Technology Award (Midwest region).

LumiSheet™ panels were used to backlight colored glass panels creating this stunning mosaic and eye-catching entrance to Lago, a Milanese-inspired restaurant situated inside the Bellagio in Las Vegas

At KPMG in Chicago, LumiSheet with its very slim profile illuminated strips on the walls of the lobby casting enough even light and devoid of hot spots. 

Evo-Lite Introduces Auragami™ Flexible LED Light Sheet

The high LED density (330 LEDs per square foot) combined with decreased individual LED brightness, eliminates hot spots and “dotting,” and allows for as little as 3/8″ of clearance between the Light Sheet and the translucent material.  
Its unique power distribution grid allows you to cut groups, or even single LEDs, from the flexible sheet while maintaining a resilient circuit to the remaining diodes. Cut lines-diagonally and along both axes-maximize on-site customization. Light Sheets can be folded over countertop edges and other multi-plane elements, and wrapped around columns and other curved surfaces. They are UL Listed and suitable for dry, damp, and wet location use. Download specs >  

Visit evo-lite.com and call O’Blaney Rinker at (212) 577-2552 or email info@oblaneyrinker.com
for information on how Evo-Lite can help you on your next project!