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Solavanti Lighting Products from Chicago to Spain

Solavanti Lighting is built on a solid foundation that is synonymous with cutting edge design, exceptional customer service, and an overall “can do” spirit of delivering the right solution for complex requirements. They feature specification grade European designed products for a wide range of commercial applications.

If you’re in Chicago, you can view their Ground Liner continuous light luminaire at the Chicago River Walk. The Ground Liner is a perfect solution for paths and outdoor areas.
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The Ground Liner Features
• Homogeneous light without dots
• Recessed trimless luminaire
• Linear Rigid Body with D/O Rating 6700lbs
• Protection Class IP66, IP67, IP68
• 2800k, 4000k, 5200k, 5500k
• Amber, Red, Blue, RGB
• Dimmable / DMX
• Recessed or Surface
• Easy Connection and Installation
• Can be used with multiple substrates
• Various lengths available

And if you’re fortunate enough to stay at the W Hotel in Barcelona, Spain, you can view Solavanti’s SmartLedFlex® light up the outline of the hotel. SmartLedFlex is a flexible linear lighting product for both indoor and outdoor (IP66) applications. It is perfect for architectural illumination that provides a high performance homogenous light to highlight the perimeters and outlines of buildings, bridges, etc. Download Spec Sheet

SmartLEDFlex® Features
• Beam 270°
• Up to 380 lm/3.2′
• Flexible linear tube
• Can be cut to size on site
• Up to 32′ for low output and 19′ for high output
• Round and rectangular profile
• IP66
• 2700k, 3500k, 5200k
• Amber, Red, Blue, Green, RGB

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