Gantom Lighting & Controls

Gantom Lights Six Flags Interactive Dark Ride JUSTICE LEAGUE™: Battle for Metropolis

Meeting unique lighting challenges for Six Flags Magic Mountain’s interactive dark ride JUSTICE LEAGUE™: Battle for Metropolis, Tony Hansen, head lighting designer and project/product specialist at Techni-Lux relied primarily on the ultra-compact LED fixtures manufactured by Gantom Lighting & Controls. Hansen’s lighting design challenge was to make the scene authentic and evocative, and lit in such a way that guests feel continuity throughout the adventure whether interacting with something built or something projected.

O’Blaney Rinker Announces New York Representation for Gantom Lighting & Controls

Manufacturer of the world’s smallest intelligent spotlights We are pleased to add Gantom Lighting & Controls to our list of lighting manufacturers. Gantom Lighting & Controls, formerly Darklight, is a manufacturer of compact lighting fixtures. Gantom’s award-winning products have become the “secret weapon” of many lighting designers. Installations include a wide range of venues around…