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Echoflex Introduces Elaho Integration Interface

The new Elaho Integration Interface adds simple, bidirectional communication of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to any Elaho control system, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with other control equipment, like third-party AV systems, for simultaneous lighting control with audio and video presets.

The Integration Interface does this by providing simple, bidirectional communication of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) string commands for control and status of preset and zone levels in Elaho spaces. Other systems can then send commands, query the system, or “subscribe” to system updates, all using UDP.
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Product Features

  • Bi-directional UDP communication.
  • Reports real-time Elaho system status
  • Integrates Elaho lighting system into third-party control systems

Additionally, Echoflex announces the ELED2 Tunable-White Fixture Controller is now shipping.

The ELED2 tunable-white fixture controller is a wireless solution for dimming the intensity and controlling the color temperature on tunable-white fixtures. With two separate outputs – one for intensity, one for color temperature control – the ELED2 can deliver a variety of color temperature and dimming control sequences. Learn More »

Product Features

  • Dimmer and relay for LED fixtures
  • 0-10V control of color temperature on tunable-white LED fixtures
  • Dim to Warm technology lowers color temperature as intensity lowers
  • Configurable for open loop and closed loop daylighting applications
  • Accepts Gateway commands for dynamic set points

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Echoflex Solutions designs superior lighting control systems and environmental sensors. With advanced wired and wireless sensors, switches, and control products, Echoflex provides flexible, best-in-class solutions for building control and energy management.

Echoflex’s advanced systems are reliable, proven, and environmentally friendly, meeting the most stringent of energy codes while being simple to deploy, scalable, and virtually maintenance free. Echoflex offers the flexibility to provide a wired, wireless, or hybrid system for your project. Whether networked, centralized, distributed, or all of the above, Echoflex can deliver seamless integration with Building Management Systems for comprehensive facility control.

Echoflex Solutions offers proven systems that make intelligent control possible in any space. More »

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Echoflex and Elaho products help users create intelligent, interconnected, and efficient spaces. Their brochures include information on products as well as suggestions for potential uses.

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