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Cerno Showcases New Unique Pendant at BDNY 2022

At BDNY last month, Cerno launched a highly unique, nature-inspired pendant! CURA is “inspired by the breathtaking intricacy, integrity, and architecture of nests found in the wild. Nests embody resourcefulness and innovation. Like human homes, nests protect our most precious and sacred creations, our offspring” says Cerno.

The actual Cura nest is 38″ wide x 24″ high and is made of solid wood—your choice of raw walnut or white oak. The egg is created by paper mache and encompasses an E12 base, type T8 lamp. 9.5 W max. Color available in 2700K or 3000K. Download Specs »

As we can view nature, Cura is a stunning masterpiece to feast your eyes on. And rumor has it, a bird nest in your home is certain to bring luck! So give us a shout if you’re interested!

Get inspired and call us at 212.577.2552 or email us to learn about Cerno’s Cura or other amazing lighting products Cerno has to offer!

Cerno to Showcase Architectural Lighting at BDNY

If you plan on attending Boutique Design New York (BDNY), stop by to see Cerno – Booth #1739, and view their high-quality architectural lighting collections. BDNY is set to take place November 14-15, 2021 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Visit bdny.com to register.

Designed and manufactured in southern California, Cerno produces quality and performance-driven LED lighting inspired by the creative culture and natural environment of Laguna Beach. Creating decorative, architectural, and custom fixtures for almost a decade, Cerno’s aesthetic is an intersection of modernism and contemporary design. Their fixtures are minimal, as every feature has a purpose and is executed elegantly with authentic materials.
Here is a sneak peek to what you will see at the Cerno Booth  ↓

In addition to Cerno’s line of modern lighting, Cerno has an art lighting brand that is currently making the most sophisticated picture light on the market. Learn more at revelite.com

Cerno’s new line of architectural lighting products is currently being offered exclusively through O’Blaney Rinker in New York and New Jersey market. Call 212.577.2552 or email us at O’Blaney Rinker if you see something you may be interested in.