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Barn Light’s Original™ Warehouse LED Pendant Lights Industrial Settings

Vans, the original action sports brand and the icon of creative expression, underwent an extensive renovation in their global headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA. The Commons, where Vans 500-plus employees gather, eat, and collaborate has an open ceiling with a strong industrial vibe. White walls are punctuated with colorful art, while exposed ductwork and a corrugated metal bar add to the warehouse feel. Barn Light’s oversized Original™ Warehouse LED Pendants were chosen to light the massive space and add visual interest.

“These fit the ‘old skool’ nature of Vans,” notes Tim Long, building operations and facilities manager. “They harken back to earlier times, to the 1960s warehouse look that was prevalent here in Orange County.”

These classic American-made LED pendants feature 28″ shades and have been updated with integrated LED modules to help lower energy costs and reduce pollution. The fixtures feature 1250 lumens and a 2700K color temperature which is a warm/soft white.

“These pendants simply fit the overall vibe,” Long states. “I like that they are hand made as they were back in the 1960s. And the fact that they are made in Florida, providing U.S. jobs, is icing on the cake.”

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Barn Light Brings You the Venice & Milan Cylinder Collections

With simple yet creative lines and chic designs, The Milan and Venice Cylinder Pendants beautifully articulate modern styles. To further elevate these contemporary pendants, fashionable slot options provide the subtle aesthetic details and touches of uplighting needed for a truly striking look. Reinforced by Barn Light’s sincere commitment to quality, the pendants are constructed entirely from commercial grade materials. With an abundance of finish colors, cord styles, and other customization options, it’s easy to personalize a pendant light for your space!

Manufactured in the U.S.A., these light fixtures are made-to-order to suit your custom specifications. Learn more about the process here as metal artisans hand craft a flat disc of steel that is transformed through different finishing techniques into a beautiful and durable light fixture.


Barn Light Fixtures Used for Motel Renovation in Roscoe, NY

The Red Rose Motel in Roscoe, NY closed its doors almost 20 years ago, but caught the attention of Erin Lindsey and Denny Brownell during their explorations for Escape Brooklyn, a blog/travel guide featuring interesting destinations beyond the five boroughs. The couple, along with partners Jon Pierre Frenza and Kris Kiger, purchased the old motel with the vision of making it a sought-after destination once again.

“We wanted to mix and match old with new and Barn Light Electric was the perfect accent for all of our spaces,” Erin notes. “We love the color selection too. We found the perfect red!”

The couple chose the vintage-inspired Rochester Vintage Industrial Cord Hung Pendant for the upper lounge and bar area. These hand spun lights, with roots in early 20th century lighting, are crafted from commercial grade steel and finished with durable porcelain enamel.

They also chose the compact Bowie Wall Sconce to dot the walls of the lower lounge, a cozy space with a double-sided leather Chesterfield couch and wood stove. These barn wall sconces also feature a Barn Red finish which add a splash of color to the walls.

On the porches where guests access their rooms, galvanized Original™ Warehouse Pendants line the walkways. These American-made ceiling lights bring classic barn style to the exterior of the building. The complementary look of the Austin Wall Sconce (Quick Ship available) provides lighting beside each doorway.

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Barn Light’s Wesco Pendant Plays Big Role in TV Production House

When the offices of Story Culture, a television production house in Midtown Manhattan, were recently gutted and remodeled, designer Jowill Leano struggled with the unique challenges of the space.

“The hardest challenge was lighting,” says Jowill, a television and interiors designer who has worked on shows such as Lake Life and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. “When you start to add walls, you lose all of the wonderful natural light from the windows. The best solution was to add glass walls and doors where possible and to have good interior lighting.”

“We wanted to keep the space bright and modern with pops of color. They had some furniture they wanted to reuse and I wanted to add some rustic touches to warm it up a bit,” she explains. “The Wesco Pendant has a great shape and provides the perfect amount of light whether hanging above a dining table or, in this case, lighting an 8,000-square-foot office.”


Jowill customized these deep-bowl pendants with 16″ shades, a durable Black powder coat finish, and standard black cords.

The Wesco is one of Barn Light’s most customizable barn pendants with six shade sizes and 20 finish colors to choose from. Custom colors are available upon request. Wire guards or cast guard and glass can be added and this shade is also available in LED and porcelain enamel.

“So many fixtures either look good but don’t provide enough lighting or provide the lighting but are a designer’s nightmare,” Jowill says. “The Wesco checks all the boxes. We love how they look and they perfectly light the space. Did I mention we put up 38 of these pendants? Now that’s true love!”

Photos courtesy of Jowill Leano

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Barn Light Customizes Porcelain Enamel Steel Lighting Shades in USA

Made in America and Built to Last!

Following techniques from early 20th century RLM lighting, Barn Light has revived the craft of porcelain enamel steel shades


The high-gloss finish and added durability of porcelain enamel guarantees a statement piece for any commercial or residential setting.


A Passion for Vintage Light Fixtures
Florida natives Bryan and Donna Scott began Barn Light Electric in 2012 when the high-quality materials and craftsmanship of early 20th century lighting began fading away. The couple decided to make their own line of barn lighting the old-fashioned way using only the highest quality, commercial grade materials. Once a staple of the lighting industry, porcelain enamel lighting, favored for its high gloss finish that never fades or corrodes, had not been manufactured in America for more than 50 years.

Today, they have grown beyond the traditional range of standard luminaires that Barn Light fabricates. Their craftsmanship offers custom manufacturing capabilities allowing designers the opportunity to turn their own ideas into fixtures. You can find Barn Light fixtures in Fresh Direct grocery stores, Wendy’s Food Chain, Lush Cosmetics, Tommy Hilfiger, Bare Burger, Knott’s Berry Farm and currently being installed in Microsoft offices.


Advantages of Designing with Porcelain Enamel Shades
Easy To Clean
Unlike other painted finishes, porcelain enamel can be restored to its original condition by washing with mild soap and water. Each shade’s glass-hard surface retains its vibrant luster after five, ten, or even twenty years of use.

Resists Effects of Time
Porcelain enamel successfully resists harsh weather and work conditions. This finish does not deteriorate or corrode when in contact with chemicals found in most industries. Porcelain-steel shades have been the go-to light fixtures for hazardous locations and commercial manufacturing facilities for decades.

The hardness of glass combined with the strength of steel gives porcelain enamel the durability needed for industrial and commercial lighting applications. Three layers of baked porcelain enamel causes each shade to be shatterproof and safe for high activity locations.

Craftsmanship Behind the Porcelain Process
Beginning with a flat disc of commercial-grade steel, metal artisans spin this material onto a shade mold as the steel slowly forms around it. While applying constant and intense pressure, the “spinning” of the shade reaches approximately 2,500 RPM until the desired shape is created.



Porcelain Enamel   
Skilled workers then hand-apply these products with two layers of porcelain enamel glass.

After the porcelain is applied, the shades are transported to the 1600-degree oven where the baking process ensures anticorrosion and seals the high-gloss finish.



Where Vintage and Modern Collide®

Barn Light U.S.A. Commercial Division is a portal that connects architects, designers, lighting and electrical engineers, and commercial industry professionals directly to American-made lighting tailored to their specific production needs. All of their products are manufactured, assembled, and shipped by Barn Light Electric Manufacturing in Titusville, Florida

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