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New 2017 Lighting Products from Bover

Passionate about design and craftsmanship, BOVER products are a tribute to the Mediterranean light and lifestyle.

After 20 years of experience in the market, Bover has its own subsidiary in the U.S. and is also present in 60 countries worldwide. Produced entirely in Barcelona, Bover exercises full control over its production chain and as a result, is able to ensure excellent quality and delivery to meet market needs.

The Bover Outdoor collections are ideal for high temperature contrasts, high salinity in the environment, and exposure to UVA rays. They can even be fixed to the ground in areas with high winds. In addition, these products can be customized to meet needs as specific as those of tropical climates through the use of hard wire, anti-critter and anti-debris protection. Their versatility is remarkable and their strong durability makes them perfect for commercial spaces.

And thanks to their highly decorative look, the Outdoor collections can also be placed in interior environments.

One of Bover’s new 2017 designs is CORNET (shown above). It’s a versatile lamp made of very high-density polyurethane — a very hard and resistant material that is perfect for public spaces. The Cornet lamp family is mainly used as a bollard lamp but can quickly connect with a wider reality: interior wall lamps, or the post version for intermediate spaces. In all of its designs, Cornet includes a dimmable LED source that distributes light through the lamp’s undulating layers, creating an atmosphere that is natural, slightly broken, but never dominant.

The MOAI (shown above) is an outdoor lamp where concrete, shape and light work together. From behind, the beacon lamp shows straight and hard, while front lines are softened. Moai comes with a dimmable LED source that projects light downward. An optic has been added to the LED that functions like a magnifying glass, generating in turn a laterally projecting cone of light. All of Moai’s concavity appears illuminated without leaving any corner in the dark. The result is a soft, warm light in contrast to the concrete.

With ATTICUS, (shown above) less is more. Light and simple in its design, yet sophisticated in the possibilities, it offers discreet personality. The Atticus bollard edition is designed for decorative lighting of private gardens. It can be placed under trees or between plants, by a table while we eat, or next to an outdoor sofa. Atticus is always there, creating atmosphere, enveloping, but barely taking up any surface space. Both Atticus models, bollard and floor lamps, are made of stainless steel pipes and synthetic fiber screen.

“We must feel good. Wherever we are, really good… I like lamps that do not intrude,” states founder, Joana Bover, defining the spirit of her Atticus lamp.

We suggest you visit bover.es/en and view all of Bover’s great new products exhibited at Euroluce 2017 and contact us at 212.577.2552 for your next project.
Or email us info@oblaneyrinker.com