O’Blaney Rinker is Pleased to Announce New York Representation for Rosco Architectural

Rosco Architectural is comprised of sales specialists and project managers whose primary function is to provide designers, contractors and suppliers with product consultation and customized support from conception through project execution. The group’s mission is to support clients in the creation, coloration and control of light in themed environments; including retail, museum, corporate, hospitality – anywhere that dramatic architectural lighting is desired.

Following is only a handful of the many projects and featured products Rosco has to offer.

X-Effects LED Projectors created a virtual aquarium in Times Square.

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X-Effects® LED Projectors

Whether they need fire effects for casinos or rippling water effects for aquariums and themed attractions, designers now have a way to project lighting effects onto the façades of buildings without purchasing large, expensive enclosures.

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Project: National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, NYC


Designers combined Rosco solutions to create a seamless source of light inside the Four Times Square building. Read how it was done >
Custom LitePad®
Rosco’s Custom LitePad is a slim-profile, easy-to-install, edge-lit LED panel that creates a soft, even glow.
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RoscoLED® Tape
Flexible, durable and field-cuttable, RoscoLED Tape offers simple integration options into any architectural installation.
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Project: Four Times Square, NYC

Image Spot LED Gobo Projector was chosen to light up an iconic Dallas landmark. Learn Why >

Image Spot®
The Image Spot LED gobo projector packs amazing output into a compact fixture and creates soft spot illumination for artwork in museums, accent lighting in hospitality venues, or to highlight products in retail displays.
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Project: Factory Six•03, Dallas, TX

What does it take to destroy the LitePad Vector?

About Rosco
Rosco, founded in 1910, is best known for the products it originally manufactured: color filters, gobos, scenic paints and fog products for the entertainment industry. The success of those core products led Rosco to branch out and begin to design and manufacture lighting solutions for the architectural market. Designed with outstanding quality, ingenuity, and a focus on stylish utility that performs brilliantly no matter the setting, every one of Rosco’s architectural lighting solutions is born from the same commitment the company’s founder had when he began offering lighting solutions to the theaters of Broadway over 100 years ago.
A truly multi-national company, Rosco maintains fully-staffed businesses in France, Brazil, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom. Rosco’s headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut, with other U.S. facilities near Austin, Texas and in Sun Valley, California.

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