Illuminated Ceilings/Walls Systems


TPR Enterprises is a NY based manufacturer of LED and Fiber Optic Lighting and Controls. They offer over 100 LED Products, including low profile tape lights to large architectural floods. All are available in multiple color temps of White Light, Solid Colors, RGB and RGBA/RGBW.New York | New Jersey


Tivoli Lighting products have continued to evolve with the changing needs of the market. As the first to introduce indicator type LEDs into tubing, aisle and step lighting products, Tivoli continues to lead the market in emerging LED linear lighting. Products include Linear, cove, catenary, tape systems and extrusions, auditorium and theater step products.Custom Capabilities…

NY Ceiling

NY Ceiling specializes in innovative luminous surface solutions that include graphic walls with DMX lighting, wall panel and acoustical ceiling solutions, and stretch ceilings with 3D print and LED backlighting—to name a few. Ideal lighting creativity for retail, hospitality, and commercial applications.Custom CapabilitiesNew York / New Jersey


Line of premium linear LED light strips with best-in-class color rendering and output for a variety of applications. Available in static and tunable white. Lengths can be factory cut and delivered to project site based on site specific measurements.New York / New Jersey