ORA Announces U.S. Representation for Bover, Barcelona Lights

In 1996, Joana Bover founded Bover in Barcelona, Spain. Born from napkin sketches scribbled down at a restaurant, the Bover brand now ships its diverse product profile around the world. Today, a full team of respected designers joins Joana Bover in creating new lighting experiences for people everywhere. Despite the continuing growth of the Bover brand, Joana Bover has maintained pursuit of her original vision. She believes in timeless design, a balance between quality and price, and in defending the rights of the designers that painstakingly realize Bover products.

“‘Creative people feed on their immediate environment,’ says Joana. … So it makes sense that the lights she designs-versatile, elegant pieces that make artful use of materials like glass, metal, wrapped ribbon, and woven cord-reflect her native home. ‘The sea, the cuisine, the architecture, the streets, and the color of the Mediterranean sky have a lot to do with the products I design, and with the materials and textures we usually use.‘”  — ylighting.com/blog

Here are a few of the latest products from Bover

Dome 90

by Benedetta Tagliabue


With DOME, Bover decided to take the light out of the object so it becomes a light sculpture designed to receive and emit a delicate light and play of shadow. These light sculptures are completely handmade in Barcelona HQ. More than 170 big and small wood fragments are wisely intertwined and sewed one by one to end up in such a jigsaw puzzle.

Non La S

by Jorge Pensi
Design Studio


The simplicity of this cone-shaped lamp – inspired by hats used by women in the Vietnam countryside  – offers a lightweight and resistant structure with an avant-garde touch thanks to the decentralized light cavity. Non La fills the space with direct bottom light and includes a polycarbonate diffuser which hosts a dimming own-made led plate.

bover_red_rgb 500px

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