Lumino Vector V36 Optic and SolidEdge

Lumino Vector V36 Optic

The new geometry of light

Create drama with three new precision optical effects using the new V36 OPTIC from LUMINO.  
Throw textures into sharp relief, highlighting features with deep shadow and contrast using the wall grazer optic with 18 x 45 degree beam. Sculpt surfaces with acute lighting effects using the narrow 18 degree beam or flood space with light using the 37 degree beam. Lumino V36 OPTIC is just 36mm wide and available from 305mm (1 foot) in continuous lengths as a surface, suspension, recessed or in-ground linear profile with indoor or exterior, wet location (up to IP68) versions. Made in the UK using Lumino ColorCORE™ LED technology to give high colour rendering and CCTs from 2700K up to 4500K. V36 OPTIC provides up to 3000lm per metre (900lm per foot) of precision controlled light.

Lumino SolidEdge

Ultra-sharp plasterboard edge lighting system


Perfect and precise edging of rafts, coving, framing and many other interior architectural features. SolidEdge has a sharp 30 degree edging angle making it invisible from most viewing angles and giving ceiling and wall edges a ‘paper-thin’ appearance.

SolidEdge is designed to work with our Steorra range of spotlight housings, which accept our new ColorCore light engine, giving the possibility of matching linear and point source together.


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