O’Blaney Rinker Announces Representation for Brooklyn’s Legion Lighting


Legion Lighting has been designing and manufacturing architecturally engineered, energy-efficient lighting – made in Brooklyn – since 1946. Jonas “JB” Bellovin, who designed and manufactured lighting equipment for the armed forces during World War II, founded Legion. After several expansions and three generations, the family-owned company remains committed to JB’s standard of excellence.
Today’s Legion Lighting has a solid reputation for state-of-the-art design and fabrication, backed by craftsman assembly. CAD/CAM software expedites prototyping and preparation of drawings. Automated steel fabricators enable quick changes to styles and products, while cutting and mitering aluminum extrusions in-house gives total control over delivery and quality. A member of I.B.E.W. Local #3 hand-wires each fixture, and joints are welded to ensure perfect alignment and rigidity. All steel components are powder-coated on a computer-controlled conveyor for precision electrostatic coating and maximum durability.

Legion produces a broad line of spec-grade commercial lighting fixtures. Designing and manufacturing a complete fixture under one roof maintains Legion’s exceptional quality assurance throughout the process.

Legion’s projects include a lobby in Washington D.C. Building, DKNY window display with custom strips, and Hofstra Cafeteria and Music Studio — to name a few. Visit Legion’s online gallery to view more.
When designers and builders seek custom products, “That’s the fun part!” says Michael Bellovin, President. Legion responds to the needs of the specifier, creating mods and custom luminaires – quickly and inexpensively – for commercial, industrial, retail and institutional facilities. “We lead them where they want to go – from the designer’s concept to the right finished product with the right technology,” he said.

The reverse is also true. Designers inform Legion’s standard products on evolving trends and needs. Legion’s healthcare line is a perfect example.

Hospital Patient Room Light  ACD Series 762L-Lens

LED Bed Light –  Overbed III Series 621LVX

The Bellovin family has invested in the future of the lighting community, initiating the Jonas Bellovin Scholar Achievement Award. The Nuckolls Fund administers the $5000 award, given annually to an outstanding lighting student from one of six different universities across the US.
O’Blaney Rinker Associates is proud to be associated with Legion, and to bring their unique assets of advanced engineering and luminaire quality to the New York Metro area.



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