TPR Enterprises is a NY based manufacturer of LED and Fiber Optic Lighting and Controls. They offer over 100 LED Products, including low profile tape lights to large architectural floods. All are available in multiple color temps of White Light, Solid Colors, RGB and RGBA/RGBW.New York | New Jersey


Contemporary European designed lighting for a wide range of commercial applications. Indoor, outdoor, LED, ceiling and wall, surface and recessed, pendant, track systems, floor and bathroom lighting, bollard, and more.New York | New Jersey


Satco is a highly reputable, national supplier of lighting products with solutions across the commercial, residential, and industrial landscape. Products range from light bulbs and LED technologies to decorative fixtures, smart lighting, and lighting components. Regularly debuting the latest innovations in multiple product categories, Satco is a single resource for complete projects.Custom Capabilities | New…

Modular International

Products include Modular Multiples® – Apertures®, Boomerang, Grid, Linears®, Surface, Trimless/Trimmed recessed family of fixtures, plug-in fixtures, custom LED outdoor lighting solutions and custom engineered lighting fixtures. Standard product line incorporates company-innovated features: patented locking mechanism, lamp shielding retaining ring, and more.Custom CapabilitiesNew York / New Jersey


European manufacturer LED Luks carefully selects LEDs, PCB boards of their own design, and ensure close collaboration with testing institutes to guarentee excellent functionality and a high reliability. Standard product lines include: LED liners, downlights, high-bays, surface, pendants, and waterproof luminaires.International Projects OnlyCustom CapabilitiesNew York / New Jersey


Decorative architectural indoor and outdoor lighting. Products include: ceiling, pendants, sconces and church lighting in modern, restoration, and transitional styles.Custom Capabilities  New York



Architectural LED design systems for offices, airports, and transportation centers. High performance luminaires include recessed, surface, wall mounted, and pendant lighting fixtures, for fluorescent and LED applications. Easy to install and maintain.Custom CapabilitiesNew York / New Jersey


Eklipse Lighting specializes in providing lighting and technical expertise as well as a complete range of premium products such as Curvable, Adjustable, Linear and Spot LEDs.Custom CapabilitiesNew York / Northern New Jersey


Architectural linear, LED fixtures the thickness of drywall are easily installed to create luminous lines of light. Perfect for walls, ceilings, cabinets, mirrors. Long LED lamp life.Custom CapabilitiesNew York / New Jersey