LIFELINE™ is a minimalist recessed or surface mounted, magnetic track lighting system that can accommodate two luminaires specially designed for PIXIS™, and MILI™. Lifeline encompasses near invisible integration, ingenious connectivity, and simplified installation. Download Specs »

View this video as Jennifer Mason, Specification Sales Manager at O’Blaney Rinker highlights new features of the Eklipse Lifeline track system.

MILI Lifeline is a micro linear luminaire and an excellent retail solution. With its miniaturized dimensions and perfect light distribution, it becomes invisible to the observer in places such as display shelves. Mili is held in place with magnets in the LIFELINE tracklight. All fixtures can be easily repositioned in the system when required. Mili now includes 22k, 24k, and 90 CRI. Download Specs »

The PIXIS Lifeline is a mini LED spotlight — very small but sturdy and easy-to-use. It has a magnetically assembled head which handles field-interchangeable optics of 18°, 24° and 41°. Completely independent from one another, each head can be fully rotated horizontally and allows for an 80° pivoting angle for maximum light control. Pixis integrates into its nearly invisible track system LIFELINE and comes alone or together with the miniature asymmetric LED linear MILI. Pixis Lifeline now includes 22k, 24k, and 90 CRI. Download Specs »

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