Cerno Factory Tour

Glen, Carl, and Jessie headed to sunny Laguna Beach, CA to view a tour of the Cerno factory. Cerno’s  passion for design and manufacturing is fueled by a shared belief in the infinite power of human creativity. They believe that each finished product they produce is a celebration of the inventive minds and industrious hands that brought it to life. Cerno welcomes the opportunity to work with designers, architects, specifiers, and individuals looking for innovative design solutions. These services are reserved for larger projects and must be original designs.

The Cerno team gave demonstrations as to how Cerno creates their amazing modern lighting collections. They also received a fascinating first hand demonstration of how Siemon & Salazarin—a recent partner of Cerno—creates beautiful blown glass vessels and lighting fixtures.

Siemon & Salazar is a design studio created by Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar. The studio’s aesthetic reflects the evolved craftsmanship of the Muranese tradition coupled with the balance and restraint of the Scandinavians.

Gary Novasel from Patdo, Rinkinson Gohel from Consentini, and Burr Rutledge  from Kugler Ning joined the ORA trio for this educational and incredible trip.