Celebrating LEDucation 10

Congratulations to the Designers Lighting Forum of New York. DLFNY has made a historic mark on the lighting industry with the LEDucation conference and expo. They accomplished this by simply giving participants a six-foot by three-foot table and the opportunity to tell their stories, stripping away the marketing hype and spotlighting the products themselves. LEDucation 10 attracted more than 4,200 people from NYC and across the country: representatives from Seattle, San Diego, Dallas, Chicago and a host of other cities were in attendance. LEDucation has undisputedly become the premier lighting industry show. If you’re looking for information on the newest innovations in LED fixtures, lamps and lighting controls, look no further. LEDucation 10 had 329 exhibits from leading manufacturers and 30 carefully vetted presentations. You may never need to go to another lighting convention to get what DLFNY delivers with this program.

Kudos to LEDucation 10 for putting on an inspiring and truly illuminating event!

Following are our manufacturers booths in action:

Left to right: Forum Lighting, Intense Lighting and National Lighting

LED2016_Forum_300x400 LED2016_Intense_300x400 LED2016_National_300x400

Left to right: Dado Lighting, American Glass and Barnlight

LED2016_Dado_300x400 LED2016_AGL_300x400 LED2016_Barnlight_300x400

Left to right: Optic Arts, Power Secure Lighting, and LaMar Lighting

LED2016_OpticArts_300x400 LED2016_PowerSecure_300x400 LED2016_LaMar_300x400

Left to right: Lucent Lighting, LumaFilm, and Lumino Lighting

LED2016_Lucent_300x400 LED2016_LumaFilm_300x400 LED2016_Lumino_300x400

Left to right: Emerge Lighting and Targetti

LED2016_Emerge_300x400 LED2016_Targetti_300x400