Barn Light Electric Upgrades Wrigley Field Lighting with High-Lumen LED Collection

When the concourse area at Chicago’s Wrigley Field needed a lighting update, the designers turned to Barn Light Electric for a vintage-inspired, yet technologically advanced solution.

“They wanted a fixture that kept with the history of Wrigley Field but with the latest in LED technology,” explains Shawn Best, engineering manager at Barn Light Electric. “When we started designing a fixture to meet their needs, we had to balance getting more light out of the fixtures while managing the thermal outputs and keeping with a vintage style.” The engineering team started with one of their most popular shade styles, the Sky Chief, and altered the design to accommodate a heat sink.

Wrigley’s design team and the Barn Light Electric engineers worked together for months on the details for the new Playoff LED Stem Mount Light and the Playoff LED 2-Light Stem Mount Pendant. The fixtures are located on the concourse where there is maximum foot traffic through the concessions area. Brilliant primary lighting was needed not only on the ground, but on the walls and on the signage.

The Playoff LED 2-Light Stem Mount Pendant

The Lineup LED Collection includes not only the Playoff pendants now installed at Wrigley but also four other popular shade styles including the deep bowl look of the Kickoff and Overtime and the more modern flair of the Knockout and the Goalie.

The Kickoff LED Chain Hung Pendant

The Overtime LED Pendant

The Knockout LED Stem Mount Light

The Goalie LED Gooseneck Light

All are offered in both powder coat and porcelain enamel finishes and can be mounted with a gooseneck arm, stem mount, chain, or cord-and-cable combination. These American-made LED lights are easy to customize to match any commercial style with more than two dozen finish colors to choose from. They can also be crafted from copper or brass for timeless appeal.

The fixtures in this collection offer up to 4,900 lumens with five color temperature options and produce 61,000 hours of light. Handcrafted from commercial grade materials, these high-lumen lights brighten large offices, warehouses, sporting venues, and other commercial spaces with unparalleled efficiency.

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Lucent Prospex Pinhole Edge Lights up Crystal Mozart

Photography Courtesy of Crystal Cruises

Lucent lights up Crystal Cruises first River Yacht, the Crystal Mozart, with their ProSpex Pinhole Edge c/w LED50 modules. Working closely with Alexandra Don and the design team, DPA Lighting Consultants lit all the public areas, suites and external elements of the vessel.

The lighting intensity from day to night can be altered to create the most appropriate atmosphere as daylight changes. Guests have full scene set control of their suites to change the mood as they feel appropriate.

It is quite clear that Crystal Cruises are passionate about the quality of every aspect of their lit environment.


The Pinhole Edge range of downlights offer a minimalist look with a minimal aperture of just 45mm. Coupled with an edge baffle it further reduces glare. The fixtures can be flush mounted in a plaster ceiling using a special trim kit (ordered separately). The range comes as IP44 standard and with a wide choice of lamp types including our own LED50 module, Xicato LED module, Soraa LED module, mains and LV halogen as well as metal halide.

Lucent’s Pinhole Edge is the perfect solution for a clean professional look and plenty of options to choose from.

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Lucent Lights Up Armani Hotel in Dubai

Known for their ProSpex range of architectural specification grade lighting fixtures, Lucent’s ProSpex® 100 and Soft 50 downlights were used on the impressive entrance of the Armani Hotel in Dubai designed by NYC architectural lighting design firm, Fisher Marantz Stone.

Collaborating with lighting designers globally for over 25 years has enabled Lucent to become a choice manufacturer and problem solver for many prestigious projects throughout the world.

The ProSpex and ProSpex Plus ranges offer integrated recessed lighting with architectural design. These revolutionary downlights incorporate sophisticated control mechanisms providing a new level of installation techniques and effortless adjustment for most architectural spaces. The ProSpex Spotlight range of track and surface mount spotlights come with a wide selection of LED solutions for retail and gallery spaces.

Lucent products have been tested in several key territories and carry the appropriate requisite safety standards.

The ProSpex® 100 downlights are fixed and adjustable with a specular darklight cone reflector. For a range of LED, low voltage and metal halide light sources including Lucent’s own brand LED50 and Xicato modules can be used. Adjustable fixtures feature gear driven vertical adjustment, and hot aiming simplifies focusing while lamp is on.

For a seamless appearance, the ProSpex® Soft Trimless is a wide range of soft trimless downlights for plaster in installations. For a range of LED, low voltage and metal halide light sources including Lucent own brand LED35, LED50, LED70 and Xicato higher output modules, are available in fixed and adjustable variants.

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Barn Light Fixtures Used for Motel Renovation in Roscoe, NY

The Red Rose Motel in Roscoe, NY closed its doors almost 20 years ago, but caught the attention of Erin Lindsey and Denny Brownell during their explorations for Escape Brooklyn, a blog/travel guide featuring interesting destinations beyond the five boroughs. The couple, along with partners Jon Pierre Frenza and Kris Kiger, purchased the old motel with the vision of making it a sought-after destination once again.

“We wanted to mix and match old with new and Barn Light Electric was the perfect accent for all of our spaces,” Erin notes. “We love the color selection too. We found the perfect red!”

The couple chose the vintage-inspired Rochester Vintage Industrial Cord Hung Pendant for the upper lounge and bar area. These hand spun lights, with roots in early 20th century lighting, are crafted from commercial grade steel and finished with durable porcelain enamel.

They also chose the compact Bowie Wall Sconce to dot the walls of the lower lounge, a cozy space with a double-sided leather Chesterfield couch and wood stove. These barn wall sconces also feature a Barn Red finish which add a splash of color to the walls.

On the porches where guests access their rooms, galvanized Original™ Warehouse Pendants line the walkways. These American-made ceiling lights bring classic barn style to the exterior of the building. The complementary look of the Austin Wall Sconce (Quick Ship available) provides lighting beside each doorway.

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Dado Lights Up Capital One Headquarters

Dado Lighting incorporates SimpleLine LED in Capital One’s new headquarters in McLean, VA

Lighting Design: Bliss Fasman  |  Architect: Gensler   |  Contractor: Dynalectric

SimpleLine LED was the perfect solution to create a interesting variety of lighting patterns within the ceiling.

Easy Installation

From horizontal to vertical and every angle in between, SimpleLine LED may be mounted in walls, ceilings, and across corners. No special framing is required due to its zero cavity construction.

The housing is embedded in the wall material. After finishing the wall, the LED optics and lens snap into place. Runs can be provided to the nearest 1/16″ or 1mm.

Product Details

  • Housing mounts to studs, joists and hat channel, just like drywall
  • Housings longer than 10ft (3050 mm) align with joiners to provide tight joints and seamless appearance
  • Snap-in matte white lens is easy on the eyes and flush with the wall
  • No flex sidewalls provides constant aperture width, so lens will always snap in tight
  • All aluminum housing is mudded into surface to provide trimless finish
  • No need to cut corner studs or top plates: inside corner installs quickly and cleanly, and adjusts from 85-95 degrees, adapting to non-square corners
  • Lenses overlap in corners of housings to reduce possible light leaks
  • CNC aluminum machined ends for consistent finish of edge of housing

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