HYDRO by Forum Welcomes Travelers at Louis Armstrong
New Orleans International Airport

Hydro from Forum Lighting is capable of withstanding the harshest of environments carrying an IP66 rating. The housing is constructed from aircraft grade extruded aluminum which is finished with exterior grade powder coat. The optical compartment is sealed on all sides with a high bond exterior grade adhesive and lensed with optically masked perimeter, high impact tempered glass that can be installed as a direct or indirect luminaire without effecting the IP66 rating.

The luminaire can be mounted as a ceiling surface, wall with or without arm, or can be mounted to a horizontal surface for indirect illumination. The luminaire is available with numerous optical package options to control beam distribution from 30° to 90°. A Satin lens or Baffle can be specified for direct view applications. LED output can be specified from 150-1300 lumens per foot, Tunable White, RGB and RGBW variants are also available (consult factory). Download Specs »

  • Aperture: 1-1/2″   •   Fixture Dim: 2″ x 4″   •   Sizes: 2′, 3′, 4′
  • Lamping: LED: 80+ OR 90+ CRI, RGBW, TUNABLE WHITE
  • CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, RGBW, TUNABLE WHITE
  • Distribution: DIRECT OR INDIRECT
  • Optics: 10°, 30°, 60°, 90°,  ASY
  • Driver: D10V, DALI, DMX, LUTRON
  • Voltage: 120, 277, UNV
  • Warranty: 5 YEARS   •   Rating: IP66

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Gantom Lights Six Flags Interactive Dark Ride JUSTICE LEAGUE™: Battle for Metropolis

Meeting unique lighting challenges for Six Flags Magic Mountain’s interactive dark ride JUSTICE LEAGUE™: Battle for Metropolis, Tony Hansen, head lighting designer and project/product specialist at Techni-Lux relied primarily on the ultra-compact LED fixtures manufactured by Gantom Lighting & Controls. Hansen’s lighting design challenge was to make the scene authentic and evocative, and lit in such a way that guests feel continuity throughout the adventure whether interacting with something built or something projected.

The Joker fires “laughing gas” at riders on JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis. Photo courtesy of Six Flags
The Gantom DMX Spot is a 4W color controllable LED spotlight for professional applications.

Gantom fixtures were found to be ideal for helping achieve a consistent look and feel in this multimedia setting. “Everything was built with lighting in mind, especially the queue,” Hansen said. “We worked with Rich Hill and Bill Kivi, with the scenic fabricators and with other team members to help lay out all the queue line elements and placement, crawl spaces, and handpoints to figure out where to put lights, which were all hidden like architectural elements, mounted to pieces of wood. We would drill a hole, mount wood behind the hole, and attach the light to the wood to shine through the hole, like a recessed fixture. Now repeat that 300 times and multiply by three!”

According to Hansen, the lighting installation for Six Flags Magic Mountain, in Santa Clarita, CA — took approximately 500 labor hours, with nearly 90 percent of the ride lit by Gantom products – more than 300 fixtures within the queue and preshow spaces. The lights had to comply with California’s stringent building and safety codes, and are UL listed. “The LEDs that are part of Gantom’s Precision Z series are the ones I made the most use of. That line is available in a variety of colors and I can pick the ones I want, then mix the lights together to get any color,” said Hansen.

Fixtures having the capability to interface with DMX dimmer controllers allow lighting designers to precisely set the level and colors for each fixture. The DMX interface also facilitates immersion and interactivity in being able to readily program the lights to change as visitors go through a room.

Specializing in fixtures for low-light and space-constrained environments, all Gantom’s fixtures are small, LED based, IP65 rated, UL Listed, and low voltage. They range from 1-Watt, single-color LED fixtures to 7-Watt, 7-color DMX fixtures. Their average fixture life is listed at 50,000 hours. Philip Hernandez, CEO of Gantom, talked about quality and quality control. “LEDs are made in batches and graded like diamonds with a rating system called binning. Gantom chooses LEDs from the same bin for every fixture type. That way, the color is of an even quality and degrades at the same half-life,” he said. “A big benefit of colored LEDs is that designers don’t have to use gels, which fade over time, and the tasks of replacement and matching colors are simplified.”

Hansen has lit seven of these interactive rides at Six Flags this way, and other projects besides. “We’re doing LED stuff everywhere,” he said, citing new projects – the recently opened Sesame Street dark ride in Port Aventura (Spain) and Reese’s CupFusion at HersheyPark, both also using Gantom products.

This article is adapted from “Lighting Jokers,” InPark Magazine #78, by Judith Rubin and Mark Eades (
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Lucent Provides Lighting to Watches Of Switzerland Showrooms

Hey New Yorkers (and all those visiting)! If you have the time, check out Lucent’s latest (and gorgeous) projects which include two new Watches Of Switzerland Showrooms in Greene Street Soho and Hudson Yards. With a combined 14,500sqft of prime retail space, both showrooms are unique in their own right.

You can see first hand how Lucent’s ProSpex Maxi Gimbals and ProSpex Plus XL Square Downlights enhance such beautiful retail spaces designed by Lighting Workshop, a recent 2019 IESNYC Lumen Award Winner!

Hudson Yards Showroom

The 6,500sqft. showroom resides in the new Hudson Yards retail complex; the largest development in New York City since Rockefeller Center. Securing one of the most prestigious locations on the ground floor, between the Highline and Plaza entrances, the showroom is just opposite The Shed and boasts breath taking views of the landmark Vessel structure. The showroom is sleek, modern and luxuriously appointed with white alabaster panels and a black granite hospitality bar where you can enjoy a glass of your choice while perusing the floor—and lighting, of course!   

Greene Street Soho Showroom

Newly opened in 2018, the 8,000sqft. Showroom in Soho is a unique shopping experience that includes an unparalleled collection of leading timepieces from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier, and Omega to name a few. Whilst it retains and exposes the fantastic traditional SOHO architecture, it also boasts an in-house cocktail bar, a curated library of collectible watch books and an evolving collection of photographic artwork available for purchase.

ProSpex Maxi Gimbals

The Gimbal Maxi is a range of trimmed directional gimbal fixtures which are available as single or multi-lamp versions. The gimbal heads can be fully adjusted to 35° in both planes. The anti-glare snoots also accommodate for up to three accessories (lenses, filters, louvers etc.) Dimensionally, the fixtures range from 7.56″ to 21.70″ in length with a constant width of 7.56″. Lamp options, include LED, low-voltage halogen and metal halide.

ProSpex Plus XL Square Downlights

Architectural specification grade LED downlights with both trim and trimless options, both adjustable and fixed. Adjustable fixtures feature gear driven dual axis adjustment and locking. Matching wallwash fixtures feature 0° to 30° adjustment. Trims available in round with Conical and Pinhole faceplates, and Square with Pyramidal and Square Aperture faceplates.

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Forum Provides the Perfect Lighting Solutions for Offices

One of Forum Lighting‘s most recent project was lighting office space in the dental office of Smile 360 Implant and Family Dentistry in Riverview, FL.

Forum’s extruded aluminum curvi-linear luminaires, Arc Series, was used in the hallway and reception area. This LED fixture features a continuous blend of curves and straight runs with a variety of mounting and light distribution to meet your needs. The options are limitless. Download Brochure >

The Klean Edge Cove, used in the patient waiting room, is a fully integrated cove lighting system which creates a straight, clean cove in any space. It features a 2″ x 8″ housing, with a 4-¾” aperture. Staggered lamps and shielding options provide seamless light quality, without scalloping for even distribution. Klean Edge Cove accommodates both regular and high-output T5 lamps, and the latest in LED technology. Download Spec Sheet >

Forum Lighting has been at the forefront of LED design for offices, airports, and transportation centers, manufacturing high performance luminaires designed for ease of installation and maintenance. They design and manufacture recessed, surface, wall mounted, and pendant lighting fixtures, for fluorescent and LED applications. Forum is a vertically-integrated manufacturer, with a 50 year history of designing and manufacturing lighting systems for the most discerning of lighting designers and architects.

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Camman Lighting Projects Highlight

Camman’s hex frame acrylic pendants with vinyl graphic overlays were used at Coalfire’s corporate office—a computer security service in Westminster, Colorado..


Shown below, Camman customized “G” ring style pendants for Wigle Whiskey‘s tasting room. This award-winning distillery is located in Pittsburgh.

Last year, Camman Lighting also lit up the award-winning Vanderbilt University E. Bronson Ingram Residential College in Nashville. Designed by Washington, D.C.–based David M. Schwarz Architects (DMSA) with local architect of record Hastings Architecture, this project won the 2019 Palladio Award, 2019 AIA Gulf States Award, and 2019 ENR Southeast Best Higher Education/Research Project Award. Read More at ARCHITECT MAGAZINE