Barn Light Fixtures Used for Motel Renovation in Roscoe, NY

The Red Rose Motel in Roscoe, NY closed its doors almost 20 years ago, but caught the attention of Erin Lindsey and Denny Brownell during their explorations for Escape Brooklyn, a blog/travel guide featuring interesting destinations beyond the five boroughs. The couple, along with partners Jon Pierre Frenza and Kris Kiger, purchased the old motel with the vision of making it a sought-after destination once again.

“We wanted to mix and match old with new and Barn Light Electric was the perfect accent for all of our spaces,” Erin notes. “We love the color selection too. We found the perfect red!”

The couple chose the vintage-inspired Rochester Vintage Industrial Cord Hung Pendant for the upper lounge and bar area. These hand spun lights, with roots in early 20th century lighting, are crafted from commercial grade steel and finished with durable porcelain enamel.

They also chose the compact Bowie Wall Sconce to dot the walls of the lower lounge, a cozy space with a double-sided leather Chesterfield couch and wood stove. These barn wall sconces also feature a Barn Red finish which add a splash of color to the walls.

On the porches where guests access their rooms, galvanized Original™ Warehouse Pendants line the walkways. These American-made ceiling lights bring classic barn style to the exterior of the building. The complementary look of the Austin Wall Sconce (Quick Ship available) provides lighting beside each doorway.

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