Agency Custom

O’Blaney Rinker Announces Partnership with Agency Custom

O’Blaney Rinker Associates are pleased to announce a new partnership with Agency Custom. This partnership will offer our clients a plethora of new custom built lighting options and solutions to choose from, whatever the application may be.

Agency Custom represents the world’s most exceptional custom fabricators for the architecture and design community. These manufacturers require exceptional fit and placement when addressing custom architectural and design solutions. Agency Custom understands the intricacies and complexities of working with the creative, and often long sales cycle manufacturers. They have spent over a decade developing a refined approach to success. Their elite manufacturers are committed to realizing distinctive visions from design to fabrication, installation and beyond.

Following are Agency Custom’s featured fabricators:

  • Active Glass
  • Arja Light
  • Atelier Mel
  • Buitink Technology
  • BYIBA Backlight
  • Byzantivm Hospitality
  • Concept Urbain
  • Dan Shaughnessy
  • EOS Lightmedia
  • James Parker Sculpture
  • Jason Krugman Studio
  • Joseph & Curtis Custom
  • Wine Cellars
  • Moonako
  • Turnipseed Design

For More Information on Agency Custom fabricators,  visit their website HERE

Watch Our ORA Short with Agency Custom

Below are a few of Agency Custom Fabricators

EOS Lightmedia

EOS Lightmedia is an award-winning lighting and media design firm with over 25 years of international experience in architecture, themed attractions, exhibitions, museums, presentation centers, and public art installations. Their services have expanded to include design, supply, install, and programming services of lighting and media systems, including their control technology.

Atelier MEL

Atelier MEL is a designer and manufacturer of high quality contemporary light fittings that blend modern digital techniques with traditional glass craftsmanship.We have brought together digital designers, engineers, architects and artisans in a team with a single goal: rethink the glass craftsmanship to take it one step further.

Turnipseed Design

Turnipseed Design creates and manufactures high quality lighting in their artisan workshop for projects that will enhance the atmosphere of a space. Whether it is a simple play of light and shadow or colored patterns, through movements energized by programming or kinetic pieces, their playing field is vast and will adapt to your needs.

Diffusion By RJ Cross

Diffusion By RJ Cross is a Canadian company founded on bringing the highest quality lighting products to the architectural and electrical specification market. They are are committed to providing phenomenal quality products and outstanding service at a price point that is affordable.

Active Glass

Active Glass specializes in architectural illumination for glass facades. Glassiled, their featured LED-embedded glass panels, is the most sustainable media display on the market combining the transparency of glass to the power of a media display with very low power consumption. You can turn your facade into a powerful communication tool displaying any desired animated content, information or entertainment.

Byzantivm Hospitality

Byzantivm Hospitality features a vast team artisans who are as at-home with traditional materials and processes, such as Murano glass-blowing, ironwork, woodwork and upholstering, as they are with new cutting-edge materials and technologies, including modern polymers and alloys, RGB and single-color LEDs, COB and color-tuned LEDs, fade-to-2700ºK LED, photometry, 3D modeling and printing, and CNC / laser cutting.