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Barn Light Electric Introduces the Timber & Ore Collection

Bringing the warm, rustic feel of wood to classic lighting styles, this collection features a bold, new look with timeless appeal. Crafted entirely by hand to lend authenticity and uniqueness to each fixture, these lights are the new standard for rustic modern design!   VIEW THE ENTIRE COLLECTION »


To create wooden shades and accents, Barn Light Electric artisans use hand tools, not automated machines, and pay attention to the particular grain in each piece. Blocks of wood are turned on a lathe using traditional techniques to work the wood into the desired shape and dimension. As every piece of wood has its own character and each is crafted solely by hand, these truly become one-of-a-kind fixtures.

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Pathway Lighting Reveals HL Series Wet Location Cylinders

Pathway Lighting Products, Inc. has added a collection of wet location cylinders to their HL Series—currently encompassing 58 coordinating LED fixtures. These new cylinders come with a sealed LED compartment that shields against the elements and is vented for greater heat dissipation. The all-stainless steel hardware provides protection against corrosion in unforgiving environments and all-aluminum construction with powder coat finish is durable outdoors in the elements.

The wet location cylinders are offered in a choice of smooth housing or expressed fin heatsink for a Deco appearance that also affords a higher lumen output. Additionally, there are three mounting styles, three lens options, three beam spreads, a wall wash version, and three directional lighting configurations. Output levels are 1,000L – 6,000L. The 5” and 6” diameter cylinders both come in multiple housing lengths. Available in standard or special finishes with custom finishes upon request.

To learn more, view their video or download the HL Series Brochure

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LaMar LED Features the Voyager Gen4 LED with Bluetooth Programming

The VOL Gen4 is an attractive LED bi-level luminaire featuring Bluetooth technology. Field adjustable output power when in normal mode and field adjustable standby dim levels as well as time delay settings. No need to open the fixture – It’s as easy as downloading a free iOS or Android companion app.

Manual dim settings and time delay can also be set via the dipswitches and trimpots on the front of the unit.  Dim settings of 10, 25 or 50% of full output are available and time delay settings of 1, 5 or 20 minutes can be set without the companion app.

Ideal for stairwells and other spaces with low occupancy. Available in lengths of  2′, 4′ and now 8′ they are equipped with die-formed end caps and formed steel housing and gear tray which can be removed for servicing without tools.

The frosted impact resistant diffuser boasts up to 94% transmittance while shielding the source comfortably and effectively.
For further details Download Specs »  or visit the LaMar Lighting website »

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Echoflex Introduces Elaho Integration Interface

The new Elaho Integration Interface adds simple, bidirectional communication of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to any Elaho control system, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with other control equipment, like third-party AV systems, for simultaneous lighting control with audio and video presets.

The Integration Interface does this by providing simple, bidirectional communication of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) string commands for control and status of preset and zone levels in Elaho spaces. Other systems can then send commands, query the system, or “subscribe” to system updates, all using UDP.
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Product Features

  • Bi-directional UDP communication.
  • Reports real-time Elaho system status
  • Integrates Elaho lighting system into third-party control systems

Additionally, Echoflex announces the ELED2 Tunable-White Fixture Controller is now shipping.

The ELED2 tunable-white fixture controller is a wireless solution for dimming the intensity and controlling the color temperature on tunable-white fixtures. With two separate outputs – one for intensity, one for color temperature control – the ELED2 can deliver a variety of color temperature and dimming control sequences. Learn More »

Product Features

  • Dimmer and relay for LED fixtures
  • 0-10V control of color temperature on tunable-white LED fixtures
  • Dim to Warm technology lowers color temperature as intensity lowers
  • Configurable for open loop and closed loop daylighting applications
  • Accepts Gateway commands for dynamic set points

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Note: At Echoflex, order processing, shipment of goods and technical services continue to be available and remain unaffected.